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About Madeira Island

The name of the Island comes from the portuguese word for “wood” because all of its beautiful and ancient trees. It was discovered in 1419, is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is also known as the Pearl of the Atlantic because of its beauty. It’s 57Km long and 22Km wide with a population of 270,000 habitants. The highest mountain is the Pico Ruivo with na altitude of 1862m. Madeira Island is of volcanic origin, with very accentuated cliffs and mountains, full of breathtaking landscapes.

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Just Go Tours it’s an outdoor activities company that was created for those who seek for adventure and getting to know the best places around Madeira Island. It was started by a local guide and the most passionated person about the Island, who loves its Island and its Job.

With more than 17 years of experience as a tour guide and driver, our tours are delivered in the most personalized way possible so you can feel confortable and enjoy all the hidden places that only a local knows

The tours are made in different languages:
Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish

The explanations given during the tour are about the history of Madeira Island in general and specific talks about the places we visit. We share with you all the information about villages, the Laurissilva forest, plants, flowers and animals that inhabit the Island and also the Levadas, which are the channels of water that cross the mountains (which we can hike in one of our Jeep and Minivan tours).

The tours are more personalized and made in small groups from 2 to 6 people, in the case of being a family or a group of friends we accept reservations up to 8 people. We never go in a caravan with other cars, it’s only you guys, the Defender Td5 and the guide. We always try, whenever possible, to avoid places with too many people, avoiding large concentrations of tourists.

We stop for lunch in a typical restaurant where you can taste typical food,like the black scabbard fish (Espada Preta), limpets (Lapas), and our the typical garlic bread Bolo de Caco.

Madeira Island Jeep Tours

In summer time with the sun inviting you to jump in the water and take a swim, and since we do not want to waste time having lunch in the restaurant, we stop to buy some sandwiches and drinks and then go directly to the Natural Pools of the Village of Porto Moniz or the Natural Pools in the Village of Seixal, to make a picnic and go for a swim (on our Amazing West Tour)

All tours have a predefined itinerary of places to visit, but they can be changed due to the weather. We will always make the trip in a flexible way to go to places where the weather is better, where everyone can see and enjoy in the best way Madeira Island.

The 4x4 Tours are made only with the real machine, a Land Rover Defender 110 Td5, which is built to cross all the off-road hidden trails of the Island, perfectly made for all those who like adventure and go where the other’s can’t go, and also in a confortable and stylish way.

Just Go Tours 
The best way to explore and visit Madeira Island

Private Tours on Madeira

Private Tours - Madeira

Full Day

  • Amazing west
  • Old Forest
  • Wild North
  • Awesome South

Half day

  • Vineyards and Cliffs
  • Mountains and Cliffs
Best way to see Madeira Island is going on adventure with a Land Rover Defender 110 Td5
These tours are for all those who wants to be by their own… and prefer to have their privacy.
Our Tour can be changed, due to the weather conditions, we choose the best places where the weather is better,we always find sunshine somewhere on the Island, this way we can take the opportunity to do a short walk or go to the Beach and Natural Pools for swimming.
Price for the private tour depends on how many people are going, please get in touch for more informations.
Amazing West Jeep Tour
Ribeira da Janela
Porto Moniz Jeep Tour

Amazing West


09H00 - 17H00
*Children bewteen 0 & 12 years pay €40

  • Funchal
  • Câmara de Lobos
  • Cabo Girão
  • Lugar de Baixo
  • Lobo do Mouro
  • Fanal
  • Ribeira da Janela
  • Porto Moniz
  • Seixal
  • Véu da Noiva
  • São Vicente

In this Madeira Jeep tour we have a little bit of everything; Sea, Mountains, Waterfalls and Natural Pools.
We depart Funchal for Câmara de Lobos. After this we climb up to the cliff of Cabo Girão, 580m above of sea level, with an amazing glass platform, viewing some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Island.
We continue to Lugar de Baixo, where we begin our adventure from sea level to the mountains climbing through ancient paths where we can see how the local people live and how they work the terraces of banana trees, vineyards among other types of agriculture. We will pass through the forest, mountains and valleys until we reach the Loch of the Moor with its magnificent view to the valley of Encumeada and Serra de Água. We pass through Bica da Cana, Paul da Serra and Fanal always with beautiful views of the valleys and mountains.

When we reach the village of Ribeira da Janela we can see the amazing Northwest coast of the Island. We descend to sea level to visit the coast and enjoy the ocean view. Then we will go to Vila do Porto Moniz where we stop for lunch, and perhaps enjoy swimming in the Natural Pools.

In the second part of our Jeep tour we leave Porto Moniz for the Vilage of Seixal and visit the waterfall of the Véu da Noiva and then on to São Vicente.

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Old Forest - Jeep East Tour
Old Forest - East Tour
Santana Tour

Old Forest - East Tour


09H00 - 17H00
*Children bewteen 0 & 12 years pay €40

  • Funchal
  • Camacha
  • Poiso
  • Pico do Arieiro
  • Ribeiro Frio
  • Cedro Gordo
  • Cruzinhas
  • Santana
  • Faial
  • Ponta São Lourenço

On this tour we leave Funchal in the direction of the village da Camacha where we can visit the basketwork factory. We then continue through Vale Paraíso towards Poiso with an altitude of 1412m and then climb through the mountains to Pico do Arieiro at a height of 1818m.

This is one of the most beautiful places with breathtaking views of the island of Madeira. We stay here for a while and walk a little.

We then descend to Ribeiro Frio where we are in the Laurissilva Forest and we visit the trout nursery.
We continue our adventure along old paths passing Cedro Gordo and Cruzinhas until we reach the Village de Santana where we will visit the typical straw houses (Colmo).

After this stop we descend to the village of Faial with amazing views down to the sea and then continue towards Ponta de São Lourenço in the east of Madeira. This part of the Island is much drier and arid, but with a unique beauty due to its cliffs and colors.

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Awesome South Jeep Tour
Fajã da Ovelha
Village of Paul do Mar

Awesome South


09H00 - 17H00
*Children bewteen 0 & 12 years pay €40

  • Funchal
  • Ponta do Sol
  • Paul da Serra
  • Rabaçal
  • Fonte de Bispo
  • Ponta do Pargo
  • Fajã da Ovelha
  • Paul do Mar
  • Jardim do Mar
  • Calheta

We leave from Funchal to Ponta do Sol and begin our adventure at sea level ascending the mountains of the Island of Madeira, along old paths where we can see the terraces with banana trees and other types of agriculture.

We climb through the forest until we reach the plateau of Paul da Serra, passing Pico da Urze and Rabaçal where we can enjoy the magnificent view of the valleys.

When we arrive at Fonte do Bispo we descend to the village of Ponta do Pargo with its Lighthouse, cliffs and dazzling views.

We then go to the village of Fajã da Ovelha where we pass between cliffs and valleys down to the sea always with incredible landscapes. We park in the Village of Paul do Mar, where we can enjoy a walking tour by the sea and have lunch.

Later we head for the very special and beautiful village of Jardim do Mar and then on to Calheta with its golden sandy beach.

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Mountains and Cliffs Tour
Machico Beach Tour
Garajau Beach

Mountains and Cliffs


09H00 - 17H00
14H00 - 18H00
*Children bewteen 0 & 12 years pay half price
  • Funchal
  • Garajau
  • Santa Cruz
  • Morena
  • Lamaceiros
  • Portela
  • Machico

We start from Funchal towards Garajau where the statue of Christ the King stands high up on the cliff. The view of the beach below and across to the city of Funchal really is a sight that should not to be missed.

Then we continue to Santa Cruz and climb the Morena, with spectacular views of the mountains, the cliffs and the sea.

We then continue on towards Lamaceiros passing by the old Laurissilva forest where we can enjoy walking a little along a Levada (water channel).

Later we continue to the viewpoint of Portela where we can see the Village of Porto da Cruz. From Portela we descend down to the sea and towards Machico.

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Wild North Jeep Tour
Wild North Coast Tour
Wild North Jeep Forest Tour

Wild North


09H00 - 17H00
*Children bewteen 0 & 12 years pay €40

  • Funchal
  • São Vicente
  • Ponta Delgada
  • Boaventura
  • Arco de São Jorge
  • Cabanas
  • Santana
  • Porto da Cruz
  • Portela
  • Machico

We depart from Funchal towards the São Vicente on the north coast of the island. Here we begin our adventure along the coast towards the village of Ponta Delgada. At the viewpont we can enjoy a unique view to the north coast and mountains.

We then continue along the old paths and pass through the village of Boaventura and Arco de Jorge. Our adventure takes us to the heart of the island through the forest with impressive views and we descend the mountain through the valleys towards the sea and the beach of São Jorge. We continue towards Santana visiting the historical thatched roof houses.

In the second part of the tour we head to the village of Porto da Cruz, where we visit the sugar cane mills to see the manufacture and distillation of white rum and sugar cane honey. We then head to the Portela viewpoint with its magnificent views and begin to descend towards the sea and the city of Machico.

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Vineyards and Cliffs Jeep Tour
Câmara de Lobos Jeep Tour
Cabo Girão glass platform

Vineyards and Cliffs


09H00 - 13H00
14H00 - 18H00
*Children bewteen 0 & 12 years pay half price
  • Funchal
  • Câmara de Lobos
  • Estreito de Câmara de Lobos
  • Fajã das Galinhas
  • Boca dos Namorados
  • Jardim da Serra
  • Cabo Girão
  • Rancho

A half-day tour, which begins in Funchal heading towards the famouse fishing village of Câmara de Lobos with colorful fishing boats docked in the harbor.

After this stop, we continue on to Estreito Câmara de Lobos passing by many paths with views of the vineyards until we reach Fajã das Galinhas. Here we take a break to admire the astonishing views of the mountains and valleys. Next place to visit is the viewpoint of Boca dos Namorados, which overlooks Curral das Freiras (Valley of the Nuns).

Through the mountains, we press on to Jardim da Serra for a coffee break or to taste the famous regional drink (Poncha). The tour finishes in Cabo Girão, the second highest cliff in Europe with a glass platform enriched by amazing views.

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Our Special Madeira Jeep Tours

Funchal by Night

Funchal by Night €100

Viewpoints tour in Funchal

We start this tour in Funchal at the most beautiful viewpoints, where we can enjoy the view over the Funchal harbor. The lights at night have a dazzling effectand are really hypnotizing.

Afterwards, we head on to Garajau, to visit the statue Cristo Rei, where you can appreciate the wonderful views of Funchal. We then stop for a coffee or a delicious Poncha!

Sunrise & Sunset €150

On top of Pico Ruivo/Arieiro

This tour starts very early as we climb from Funchal to Pico do Areeiro (1818m) where we await the sunrise. This moment is really special and breathtaking, everything seems touched by a golden light.
Next, we visit Poiso and Ribeiro Frio for a coffee and then we go ahead to Porto da Cruz, where we do a small walk by the sea.
Later, we visit Portela where you can enjoy the fantastic landscapes of valleys and mountains and we finish in Machico.

Let's go on an adventure to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Paul do Mar.

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Private Jeep Tours

You choose your itinerary

Create your own unique tour or choose from one of our pre-planned tours and rent one of our Jeeps. Then you can explore the wonderful Island of Madeira on your own.

self drive jeep tours

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